Dear Photographer,

It's time for

you to level up, stop running an expensive hobby,

and start getting paid your worth

Learn the PROVEN STRATEGIES to SCALE UP your photography business, book more CLIENTS, build your TEAM, ATTRACT the clients for you, make more MONEY while gaining freedom and impacting the world without being overwhelmed.


You are very talented, loved by everyone but still you find that the business aspect of your work is nothing to write home about.


You want to gain clarity about the exact direction to go with you photography business to ensure it is structured, sustainable and keeps yielding your desired income. 


You want to attract the dream clients for YOU. The kind that value you, make you feel really happy about your work and are willing to pay Premium for it



You want to build a strong, committed and loyal team that help you get results even when you're not there

You want to move from being busy looking busy busy doing meaningful work that equates actual money in the bank


You at the verge of giving up and needs a fresh drive to pursue your photography in a way that brings Joy











You are not alone.











You're not making it all up


Building a creative business is not a walk in the park. It can be really tough especially when you don't know what to do or how to go about it


You've tried it all by yourself......but somehow it's still not adding up. You're sick and tired of burning out and bring overwhelmed yet making no true headway. 


It is definitely time for a SOLUTION that will not only help you increase your profit but build a sustainable brand irrespective of your Genre. 


Its the Decade for the Creative and its finally time for to RISE




I'm Yagazie Eguare ,

Educator, Lead Creative & Founder of Gazmadu Studios




I EQUIP & EMPOWER you, to own your craft, show up more Powerfully, build a successful & profitable business so that you can live out your God-given purpose as a creative. 


Through my educational platform i have helped my clients move from having absolutely no idea about the direction to go with their businesses to earning up to 5x their income in 12-18 Months


In my 9 Years of being a Photographer, i have impacted well over 6000 Photographers and worked personally with over 150 Photographers across the globe to help them gain the needed clarity around their passion for photography, get incredible results and building profitable business using my signature framework.


Through my experience building the "Gazmadu Brand " , strategic business skills and knowledge built over the years, i have developed an easy to implement PROVEN signature system that has helped most of my clients triple their current earning, up-level their photography business, reach their goals and impact more lives with their work irrespective of their genre of Photography. 


I combine top-notch group coaching, targeted personal feedback and very thorough but easy to digests trainings to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to take your Photography Business to the next level




This is.....

Everything you need to BUILD your photography business, ATTRACT the right paying clients, gaining the needed freedom to allow you IMPACT your world with out being overwhelmed


Created with you in mind, to give you the mindset shift, right tools, support and knowledge you need to Build or Up-level your Photography Business successfully  – in such a way that so you can consistently replicate your results, get continual revenue inflow, and more of your time back to be more.  









Using my PROVEN Framework you will be able to :

  • Gain CLARITY about the exact direction to go with your photography business without copying anyone so you can book more CLIENTS,

  • Build a strong, committed TEAM that help you get results 

  • Learn how to market | Sell & Serve your clients excellently

  • make more MONEY  while gaining more freedom and impact the world without  burning out.

  • How to effectively PRICE and seal deals without shooting yourself in the foot

  • How to grow your photography business into BRAND

In a NUTSHELL, this would be you saying HELLO! to consistent inflow of income and a long GOODBYE! to Burn Outs and Fear of what the Future Holds For You

It is possible and it can happen to you!

You simply need to learn the proven strategies of the business of photography




" After PPB, I made the highest income ever in my brand "


There are things i know i should have done but i haven't done it, not because i can't but there was really no one to put my through why i should do this. 


I now know why i am doing what i am doing, clearer value and more. It helped me structured my business; from finances, to tax, to salary and more.

 I learnt why and how to grow my team members.  After the course, i made the highest income ever in my brand 5. I can now say NO to clients and not feel bad.


It’s amazing how within this short period you have answered a lot of questions I have in photography over the years. Questions other photographers shy away or do not just necessarily want to answer.

I personally know that what I paid for is way lesser than the value I received


Thank you Gaz. Thank you for all you bring to the industry. For continuously giving. God bless you. 



-Ijeoma Amagwula

Professional Photographer & Founder, Ijeworks Photography





"The best investment I have made in my business so far. The quality of content is second to none. "

I now have more clarity in the direction I want my business to be.

I am currently working on putting the right structures in place using the tools I got from the program. I am now more focused on building a brand that will meet needs and add value to my clients by giving the client an experience worth talking about.

I have started re-modeling my marketing, offering tailored services and being more strategic.

My financials are having a make over by adopting the use of the templates provided in the course.'


Yagazie's openness and free spirit, made me so comfortable and open to learning and implementing. . Most fascinating for me is the initial consultation where you broke down the whole process and tried to understand where I am coming from really made me more comfortable. the follow-up private coaching sessions where also very rich .

Her willingness and passion to pour your self out to the students stood out. It showed that she is out to c to add value. 


I would certainly recommend the PPB Program to every Photographer. Don't look back, invest in the program and thank me later.


-Ibrahim Bassi

Founder & CEO, Ibrahim Bassi Photography

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